goliath music

GOLIATH MUSIC is a boutique record label that supports and promotes the amazing talent in South Africa. The division offers world class audio recording facilities at Goliath Studios, who are fully equipped for both corporate and commercial recordings.

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  • Boutique Record Label

    GOLIATH MUSIC is dedicated to promoting proudly South African music.

  • Distribution Solutions

    GOLIATH MUSIC is geared to facilitate distribution of music through our Media, Commercial and Digital networks.

  • Music Publishing

    GOLIATH MUSIC manages publishing, Royalty collections and all related Administration.

  • World Class Recording Facilities

    GOLIATH MUSIC recording studios feature State-of-the-Art equipment at highly competitive rates and have produced some of South Africa's top selling Artists and well reputed Corporates.

  • Audio & Video Production

    GOLIATH MUSIC have top sound engineers and producers at hand who eat, sleep and breathe production.

  • Corporate Production

    GOLIATH MUSIC's facilities are geared for voice overs, corporate video recordings and related corporate productions.